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What is NRH-up2date ?

NRH-up2date is a modular and extensible server to use with RedHat's up2date client without relying on the RedHat network. And yes, NRH is "Not RedHat".

Why should you use NRH-up2date

NRH-up2date provides an up2date server for a basic user, that wishes to cache RHN content locally in his LAN (or central server), so each client in a site wouldn't have to connect to RedHat network for updates, consuming your time, bandwidth and budget.

NRH-up2date is developed in a modular way, so you can use as much or as little of it's capabilities as you need, virtually eliminating the learning curve. With that in mind, the project strives to match the capabilities of a full-scale up2date server as development progresses.

30-DEC-2005 : The site is moved to sourceforge, so it would be preserved. This project is in hybornation for some time now, since i don't need it anymore, using Centos and Yum to get work done. Surprisingly, i have discovered that someone has created a fork of nrh-up2date - GNU up2date, nice to know what this project is living on. The complete "/download" directory is placed as one large tar file on sourceforge, since am not allowed store releases on the web server directly.

4-JAN-2004 : NRH-up2date was tested as server and client on RHEL 3. Python and perl modules are rebuilt and provided for this platform.

8-AUG-2003 : The NRH-up2date project was born exactly 1 year ago! To celebrate this occasion (and after a month of beta testing) i would like to present you with the new stable release, version 1.3. Enjoy !

26-JUL-2003 : Another release candidate of NRH 1.3 was released, the announcement is here.

11-JUL-2003 : A release candidate of NRH 1.3 was released, the announcement is here.

7-APR-2003 : NRH was tested with RH 9. Currently, to use it with an RH 9 client, please use the NRH 1.3 release candidate. NRH works fine on RH 9 as a server, if librpm404 and rpm404-python from RH 8.0 are installed.

26-FEB-2003 : Version 1.2.2 has been released, fixing minor problems detected in 1.2.1. RH 8.0 support on the server is finally ready.

26-FEB-2003 : The site has been redesigned to allow for easier navigation, and better integration of related information.

25-FEB-2003 : Version 1.2.1 has been prereleased and is currently available in the download directory. The highlight of this version is the support of RedHat 8.0 as a server.

NRH-up2date is utilizing Logo services.

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